tisdag 31 juli 2012


Soon, my days of studying and worrying about tests are over. For a while at least. It feels great, actually, and I can't wait to do whatever I feel like for once. The next thing I have to worry about is getting a job, but I hope I'll find something soon. I do live with my parents, still, so it's not really a big problem, but I hate having to use other people's money so I'd rather find something quick.

Last day in Tokyo, before going to Kyoto, we visited Asakusa. It's a nice and beautiful place, but it feels a lot like a tourist spot (and it is) which ruins the feeling a bit. But it's still beautiful and I wish I had a wider camera lens with me. At least some of the photos turned out okay. (The last two pictures of yesterday's post are also from Asakusa)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow!
    Some really great photos! I especially love the colors in the very first one! ^-^

  2. HEEY superfin blogg du har:) ska vi börja läsa varandras bloggar ?:)

  3. Thank you sweetheart! ^-^ I just wish I had taken my time to actually stand still D: