tisdag 31 juli 2012


Soon, my days of studying and worrying about tests are over. For a while at least. It feels great, actually, and I can't wait to do whatever I feel like for once. The next thing I have to worry about is getting a job, but I hope I'll find something soon. I do live with my parents, still, so it's not really a big problem, but I hate having to use other people's money so I'd rather find something quick.

Last day in Tokyo, before going to Kyoto, we visited Asakusa. It's a nice and beautiful place, but it feels a lot like a tourist spot (and it is) which ruins the feeling a bit. But it's still beautiful and I wish I had a wider camera lens with me. At least some of the photos turned out okay. (The last two pictures of yesterday's post are also from Asakusa)

måndag 30 juli 2012

Japan - Random

Sorry for low update! I've had a lot of things to do lately, so I haven't had time for editing/blogging etc. Here are some random pictures from Tokyo, the days before we went to Kyoto. I will update again as soon as possible!

Ice cream burger? >_>

måndag 9 juli 2012

Disneyland, part one

I have this kind of happiness rate system that works like this; the more days I'm depressed after an event I like, the happier I was that day. Take the Skrillex concert for example - I was depressed for about a week. Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, and when I got home from Japan, I was depressed for at least four days. Still won't beat Sonny though. ;3 Anyway, what im trying to say is that Disneyland was amazing, and I definitely need to go back. Too bad they didn't have a Kingdom Hearts section though, I love KH. (I almost want to buy a 3DS just because of Dream Drop Distance!)

Enough blabbering, picture spam!


söndag 1 juli 2012

Meiji Jingu, Harajuku and Fits!

Det var dags att (för mig) åter besöka Harajukuområdet. Meijitemplet är ett sånt där ställe som man skulle kunna gå omkring i hur länge som helst för att det är så fint och stort, men det gör man inte för det är alldeles för stort. Eller så gör man inte det för att man vill skynda vidare till Harajuku, vad vet jag.

Jag minns Harajuku/Takeshita St. som mycket mindre än vad det faktiskt var. Vi var där kanske tre gånger och varje gång vi var där så hittade vi nya butiker vi inte sett dagen innan. Bland annat Bodyline, som var lite tråkigare än jag förväntat mig. Jag har i alla fall hittat min absoluta favoritbutik nu, som jag gissar är Japans lite mindre, men mycket sötare, motsvarighet till H&M; åtminstone om man jämför kvalitet. Okej kvalitet till okej pris, du behöver bara vara lite försiktig med allt chiffongliknande tyg och spets. Momo Wonderrocket, för den som undrar. (Som jag tydligen gått in på förut utan att veta om det >_>)

It was time (for me) to re-visit the Harajuku area. The Meiji temple is a place you could walk around in forever since it's so peaceful, but you don't 'cause it's kind of too big. Or you don't cause you want to go to Takeshita st, I don't know.

I remembered Takeshita doori as much smaller than it actually was. We were there about three times and every time we went there, we found new stores that we hadn't seen before. For example, Bodyline, which wasn't as cool as I'd imagined it would be. At least I've found my favourite store of all time now; Momo Wonderrocket!  Apparently, I've visited both their online and physical store before, without knowing it OTL

Perfect! I can throw all my 1-yen coins in this one. Or well I mean, I offer some money to the temple since I'm a good person. (jag måste sluta stå sådär så jag ser nygravid ut)

Takeshita st! It was kinda empty when we were there.

...aaand so were our wallets when we left. You can see a clear line between my stuff and Henning's stuff...

Shibuya Crossing! It was craaazy. But not as big as I imagined it. Anyway, the bigness can't be measured from this picture, you can't even see everyone. (they were over 9000!!)

At the konbini: "oh yay, Fits!" -takes all flavours- It was embarrassing at the pay desk though, I had to promise her that all of them weren't for me, but for my friends lol.