onsdag 27 juni 2012

Japan - day number... Ghibli museum

Jag minns inte vilka dagar jag fotat och vilka dagar jag inte fotat, så det blir kanske en lite konstig ordning. Men det spelar egentligen ingen större roll...

Den 28 juni åker jag iväg till släkten i Grekland, kommer hem igen tre veckor senare (19 juli), lagom till att Lydia kommer hem från Japan. Jag kommer nog springa över till henne så fort jag är hemma, har jag en känsla av. Ska i alla fall försöka köa lite inlägg, för jag har antagligen inte mer tillgång till internet än jag brukar, dvs ett öppet nätverk som ligger så långt bort att jag är tvungen att trycka mig längst in i hörnet i ett rum längst bort i lägenheten för att nå det. Eller sätta mig på balkongen.

Anyway, bilder från Ghiblimuseet! Man fick inte ta bilder där inne, men utanför gick bra.

I don't really remember which days I took pictures and which ones I didn't, so this might get a bit weird. But it doesn't really matter anyway.

I'll be in Greece, visiting my relatives between June 28th and July 19th, and I won't have any internet connection when I'm there, so I'll queue up some posts. I also won't be able to reply to messages (of course).

Anyway, pictures from a day at the Ghibli museum!

First of all, I need to introduce you to (ignore the Maid Café flyer in the background...) the wonderful Japanese PET-bottles. The small ones. These are of perfect size for many reasons: One - I don't get thirstier than the amount of water these can hold. Two - they fit perfectly in your handbag and three - their shape keep them from falling around in your bag like the taller ones do. I took three of them with me back to Sweden. (Loka har liknande, små flaskor nu också. Jättesöta!)

Anyway, let's go~!

Aaaaand we're lost. Or well, we had to switch trains like 10 times since it didn't go all the way it said it would, so we were confused. But we managed to get to the right place after 30 minutes or so.

This is pretty much only a reference picture I will use when tackling landscape and background painting. But I'm showing it to you anyway because of awesome hipster effects. ( effects by lieveheersbeestje, slightly edited)

Waiting for the traaaain~

We've arrived! Japanese buses are minimal btw. All of them. I thought it was just the school buses, but nope. Anywaaaaay, here we are! It was awesome and everything inside had cool effects and we saw sketches and background paintings for the movies and a short film about the neko bus and alskdjfhg. I need to re-watch every Ghibli movie.

I saw a cute lizard resting on this statue >u< (Castle in the sky)

Oh, that's a nice rock-thingy. I wonder what it says.

Wait... what o_____o''' http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Alphabet

Bought these things from the Ghibli Museum shop! Notebook, mini Totoro for my mom aaand a handkerchief. Seriously, never going out without a hankachi or towel again. You can use that stuff for EVERYTHING. (I should make a post about it...) Read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by the way.

Moving on to Shi...njuku? I can never see the difference between Shinjuku and Shibuya, if I don't think about Shibuya Tokyu/109 first. So, this is in Shinjuku. A golf ball shaped building. Very interesting and zoomed in (thank you 35mm lens and 1.6x crop factor.).

Bought bread at a Scandinavian bakery. Without Scandinavian bread, but with Tomte, of course.

Night view from our hotel.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Great photos!
    I've never been to the Ghibli museum! Not yet at least! ^-^
    It's definitely something I still need to visit, but I'm usually travelling to the less known places. :)

  2. Cool! Myself and my co-blogger were recently in Tokyo too... now that we're back at home I feel so sad! Great to see some pictures of Japan- we got hounded my maid cafe people too, so your reference made me smile!

  3. Those places are often the most magical ones! I don't really like "tourist things" to be honest, but I just had to visit the Ghibli Museum, haha! You should too, it's really pretty ^-^

  4. Oh, jag älskade Ghibli museet! Lite tråkigt (men speciellt) att kortfilmerna bara finns och visas på museet. Vi fick se chuu sumo, om sumo-möss. SÅ SÖTT!

  5. That's lovely! I know how you feel though, I wish I could have stayed. I'm not too fond about Tokyo though, I like Kyoto and Sapporo better.
    Maid Cafés are cute, but kinda creepy haha!